Children's Etiquette

In today’s world, parents are busier than ever before. Many wait, thinking that they’ll teach their children these crucial skills when they get older. Unfortunately, we all tend to forget about manners until we need them! It is never too early to start simple table manners and how to great an adult! Children are eager to learn and to please at this age and it gives them a good foundation to build upon. We are creating the leaders and role models of the future. Adding etiquette leadership training to their skills now will ensure a better edge and success later as an adult.Fun Children's Etiquette Classes

The Etiquette School of Florida creates a fun, hands-on approach to a comprehensive fine dining program. The same lessons that have been taught for twenty years from the Prestigious American School of Protocol in Atlanta, Georgia are now being offered here in Central Florida.

We offer a unique course where each lesson builds upon the last.  Classes include food, themed centerpieces, fresh flowers, fine china, and multi cultural education in beautiful settings!

This is not your average etiquette class!

Etiquette Classes

Children’s Etiquette Classes at Park Plaza Gardens

Boys and Girls ages 6-11,
Grades 1st – 5th
Tuition: $225, two or more: $195 each

Six fun upscale classes of comprehensive Fine Dining, social graces, and leadership skills. Lessons include: Introductions, Greetings, Self Confidence, Posture, Shaking Hands, Eye Contact, Thank You Cards, Telephone Etiquette, Electronic Etiquette, Zig-Zag and Continental Dining, and more. Every class includes food. Fifth class is a formal evening class with a five course meal where the children will dress in party attire. Sixth class is for children and parents. All classes will be held at the restaurant.

Fun Children's Etiquette

Aborigine Etiquette Just for Boys!

A New type of Etiquette Class!
Just for Boys Ages 7-12

Outback Restaurant Aloma Ave., Winter Park A Fun Australian Outback Etiquette Class Class includes: A way to show your son it’ cool to have manners! Table Manners and How to Behave like a Gentleman! Great Food at every class! Cool facts about Australia, Aborigines, boomerangs and more!



Aborigine Etiquette for Boys

Finishing Classes

High School grades 9-12
Park Plaza Gardens
$95 per class or $250 for all 3 Sessions
( includes a multi-course meal)

Give your child the vital skills that will help them succeed in today’s competitive world! Fine Dining, Social and Leadership Classes You may be a genius, but if others can’t relate to you, it doesn’t matter.

Session 1: First Impressions 3 course meal, Soup, Main course, dessert, American Dining, Introductions, Shaking Hands, Posture, Wardrobe, Imaging

Session 2: Making an Impact 3 course meal, main course, salad, and dessert Continental (European) Dining Style Greetings, Public Speaking, Telephone Etiquette

Session 3: Finishing Touches 4 course meal, appetizer, sorbet, main course, dessert Fine Dining Know-How, Thank You Cards, Promoting Your Best Self, Gracious Host and Hostess skills, Courteous Guest, Compliments

Children’s Fine Dining Classes

We can offer fine dining in your own home for groups of six or more for any age group. Six classes for children 6-17. Young Adult classes depend on size of class. Classes can be held all in one week or spread out to fit your schedule.

Lady Like Tea Classes

For young girls at the Ritz Carlton
Four tea classes: three classes on lady like behavior, class four is at the Ritz.

Lessons include: Sitting and walking like a lady, gracious hostess, courteous guest, introductions and greetings, writing thank you notes learning polite conversation skills, wardrobe, kindness, complements, proper tea etiquette. Last class is attended with Mother or Grandmother. Each class will have finger sandwiches, cookies, scones, fruit, small favors and of course tea.

Job or College Interview preparation

Personal training. One on one training to prepare you to WOW the interviewer. We prepare you with wardrobe choices, imaging, homework prep, introductions, selling yourself, greetings, follow up. Giving you the edge.
It’s the little things that take a person from ordinary to extraordinary, from average to excellence!
The Etiquette School of Florida
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